Playlist Update: For the Love of Music, May 2021

Playlist Update

Here it comes, playlist updates of May, 2021. These tracks, artists and bands are the ones that captured most of our attention during the past month. We had a really good time listening to them over and over again! 🙂

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Playlist Update Chill Elektrons:

Hope is a reminder that we are all human beings, just trying to make sense of the uncertain. We all have the capacity for compassion. Our strength to make positive change will always lie in us working together.

Connect with Cheshire: Soundcloud | Instagram | Facebook

Playlist Update Light Songs for Lazy Sundays:

This song is like cotton candy to your ears.. Like the first sip of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning.. This song is love from the first sign.

Connect with Yeva Deli: Instagram | Facebook

Connect with Jason Lunar: Soundcloud | Facebook

The song is a retrospective look into a fragmented relationship and the piecing together of the broken pieces.

Connect with Mantell: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | SoundCloud

Playlist Update Vibes of Blues, Jazz & Soul Tribes:

Amplify me is a song about wanting and needing the strength to get through a difficult period.

Connect with Falkevik: Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Playlist Update Rock & Metal Progressive Walk:

A journey through romance, torment, fear and, at the end of it, an unexpected tranquility that drives the main characters into despair and deliverance alike.

Connect with Fragment Soul: Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Where one moment is like a soft breeze in your ear, another is like a lashing tornado that hits you in the core.

Connect with Perfect Storm: Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

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