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John Puchiele Ensemble

"An Alternate Green World" is part of a 7 track concept album "CHANGE" that is an aural journey into a changing world.

An Alternate Green World

by “John Puchiele Ensemble” for the playlist “Amazed by The Moment”

Giant Walker

Katoomba captures the essence of how we felt at the time - trying to stay sane in the first lockdown. The song is named after a trip to the Blue Mountains, Katoomba in Australia, as that’s where we purchased the fuzz pedal which inspired the initial riff.


by “Giant Walker” for the playlist “Rock & Metal Block”


My first EP came very naturally. It reminds me of the juvenile me where life was simple. Listening to it puts my mind at ease, i hope it does the same to you.

eyes filled with sky

by “néomí” for the playlist “Light Songs for Lazy Sundays”

Matt Gombau

Breathe is about reveries and crazy projects we have that never come true. It is also about the desire to escape society in order to refocus on oneself.


by “Matt Gombau” for the playlist “Light Songs for Lazy Sundays”

MDJ Matthias De Jaeger

“Soul Destination" is a peaceful piano song with a melancholic mix between sweet memories and faded future.

Soul Destination

by “MDJ Matthias De Jaeger” for the playlist “Amazed by The Moment”


Inner peace, self-awareness and love is what the song "Worth Our While" is all about. Written during a soft autumn breeze it will calm your mind and soothe your soul.

Worth Our While

by “Mashiko” for the playlist “Light Songs for Lazy Sundays”

Ludwik Konopko

Zoa transmits peace with its gentle sound. Composed with heart and soul, it inspires the thoughts and emotions to creates a magical moment in time.

Zoa (Raia Version)

by “Ludwik Konopko” for the playlist “Music Medley”

Emily Craig

The song is about trying to keep positive and rejecting the external sources who tell you how to live your life, choosing instead to search for your own form of contentment, or your 'Sweet State of Mind'.

Sweet State of Mind

by “Emily Craig” for the playlist “Light Songs for Lazy Sundays”

Dirty Shirt

The song combines the power of electro-tainted metal riffs with a touch of world music (violins, flutes, cimbalom, accordion) and catchy melodic lines.

Pretty Faces

by “Dirty Shirt” for the playlist “Rock & Metal Block”


Jeneva has a unique sound and is passionate about exploring the world through the depths of deep, rhythmic, and melodic waves. This song is a deep-diving into a space you have yet to hear.

Forrest Dr

by “Jeneva” for the playlist “Electronic Kite”


This song is about the healing process. Following a difficult time, this music came from my soul. It's for anyone going through a similar process of mental or physical healing. It's a journey and probably has no end. Making a start is what's important.


by “jezTrek” for the playlist “Amazed by The Moment”

Christoph Sebastian Pabst

This track is my first remix ever. It's light, airy and relaxed. Gentle and a bit melancholic. Also, an awesome bass from Thomas Hauser!

Air (Christoph Sebastian Pabst Remix)

by “Sine and Christoph Sebastian Pabst” for the playlist “Chill Elektrons”


This track is made of three parts: the prolog, the bass drop and the unquiet, messy and anxious epilog. It is all about explosive and emotional build up.


by “Dissonism” for the playlist “Chill Elektrons”


This song is inspired by youth and the feeling of being changeable, unreasonable, untouchable and loveable. All at the same time.


by “Falkevik” for the playlist “Vibes of Blues, Jazz & Soul Tribes”

Mal Hombre

It's about a man being in his own downfall after a very hard separation, which caused the facing of inner demons and the diving into the deepest abyss of his soul.

When It Rains

by “Mal Hombre” for the playlist “Rock & Metal Block”

Alas de Liona

Cascade is the lead song from the EP "Radio Astronomy", a song about loss and dwelling in a painful memory.


by “Alas de Liona” for the playlist “Light Songs for Lazy Sundays”

This is the song from the film "Moana". It's a good choice for people searching for chill-out music.

How Far I’ll Go

by “Music Lab Collective” for the playlist “Amazed by The Moment”

A Better Life

A track inspired by isolation, and how that can be both a positive as well as a negative feeling. Being alone with your thoughts, having time to reflect and plan.

Mono Heart

by “A Better Life” for the playlist “Chill Elektrons”

Perfect Storm

Where one moment is like a soft breeze in your ear, another is like a lashing tornado that hits you in the core.


by “Perfect Storm” for the playlist “Rock & Metal Progressive Walk”


Amplify me is a song about wanting and needing the strength to get through a difficult period.

Amplify Me

by “Falkevik” for the playlist “Vibes of Blues, Jazz & Soul Tribes”


Hope is a reminder that we are all human beings, just trying to make sense of the uncertain. We all have the capacity for compassion. Our strength to make positive change will always lie in us working together.


by “Cheshire” for the playlist “Chill Elektrons”

Fragment Soul

A journey through romance, torment, fear and, at the end of it, an unexpected tranquility that drives the main characters into despair and deliverance alike.

A Soul Inhabiting Two Bodies

by “Fragment Soul” for the playlist “Rock & Metal Progressive Walk”


The song is a retrospective look into a fragmented relationship and the piecing together of the broken pieces.

Dear Mia

by “Mantell” for the playlist “Light Songs for Lazy Sundays”

Yeva Deli

This song is like cotton candy to your ears.. Like the first sip of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning.. This song is love from the first sign.

Story No. 1

by “Yeva Deli/Jason Lunar” for the playlist “Light Songs for Lazy Sundays”

Stefan Thorleifsson

I composed this track inspired by the newest volcano eruption in Iceland. The valley will soon be filled up with lava.


by “Stefan Thorleifsson” for the playlist “Amazed by The Moment”

Willow Robinson

I wanted this song to be a safe place for people to rest after such a hard year.

Here for You

by “Willow Robinson” for the playlist “Light Songs for Lazy Sundays”


We have missed the magical ritual of dancing surrounded by people. But the dreamy breakdown of this piece is the perfect spell to fill that void.

New Transitions

by “Yöurr” for the playlist “Electronic Kite”

Michael Barrow & The Tourists

I wrote this song at a time when all of my waking moments were consumed by replayed memories of having lost one of the most important relationships of my life.


by “Michael Barrow & The Tourists” for the playlist “Light Songs for Lazy Sundays”

Arnito, Adama Koeta

This song speaks about the instability of our world and lives. It's an invitation to remain humble and self-controlled in any situation, keeping in mind that the wind can always turn.

N’bara, N’tara

by “Arnito, Adama Koeta” for the playlist “Music Medley”

Fabián dos Rios

The album is based on Paulo Coelho's “The Alchemist". It was my aspiration to convey heartwarming piano frequencies to this written piece.


by “Fabián dos Rios” for the playlist “Amazed by The Moment”

Daniel Diaz

The track is a melancholic jazz ballad. Sophisticated, passionate and sensitive, yet easy to get into.

Une Mélodie Française

by “Daniel Diaz” for the playlist “Vibes of Blues, Jazz & Soul Tribes”

Tyranni Flock

We recorded this ballad featuring chromatic harmonica player Hermine Deurloo. Going for a Toots Thielemans/Jaco Pastorius vibe.

Not at Home

by “Tyranni Flock” for the playlist “Vibes of Blues, Jazz & Soul Tribes”


This track is a blend of dreamy beats and vocal hooks topped with warm synthesizer sounds. We want to convey positive and euphoric feelings.


by “Pandhora” for the playlist “Electronic Kite”

Jakob Roth

This track emphasizes the invisible boundary of freedom, which we are currently experiencing during these hard times.


by “Jakob Roth” for the playlist “Electronic Kite”

Kennedy One

This is an instrumental, downtempo and cinematic track. It captures my deep fascination and love for the ocean.

Ocean of Mine

by “Kennedy One” for the playlist “Chill Elektrons”

Jenny Yim

This song is a reminder to take some time for yourself and recharge your soul.


by “Jenny Yim” for the playlist “Light Songs for Lazy Sundays”

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