Why I curate playlists and mixtapes?

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Discovering new music of artists from around the world is amazing!

I think in this digital age, a music curator is somehow an e-traveller!
He e-meets artists and hears their stories,
watches their experiments and musical journeys,
helps them reach new fans,

it is lovely!

Why I curate playlists and mixtapes?

I do this for the love of music. I also like to support artists, musicians and producers to get heard by making it possible for them to submit their music to the playlists and mixtapes I curate. As a musician myself, I can probably understand how it can feel when you and your team have worked a lot on writing and producing a new song or album and all you want in the world is to put it out there and see people listening to it and hear their comments on different aspects of your latest release.

I have always been a sheer music lover and used to make mixtapes and compilations on CDs, Cassette and VHS tapes and lend them to music lovers around since childhood. Some years ago, I decided to remove all my favorite songs from my computers and just keep them online in the form of playlists and mixtapes on audio/video streaming platforms such as Deezer, Spotify, Mixcloud and YouTube.

During the recent years, there have been a growth of the number of followers and music submissions and I’m happy to see that near 15 000 people have found them interesting so far. It gives me a sense of responsibility to dig for more music for the followers and check music submissions sent by artists or their PRs/managers/record lables more often. With near 600 track submissions each month, I’m immersed in new music everyday.

What I'd be happy to search for in music?

I really love to listen to and pay attention to the details in music. I love to experience creative and high quality tracks which combine beautiful melodies, true feelings and convincing lyrics with a high level of musicianship that make you think and experience the world from a new perspective or generally affect you in someway.

It’s like a daily meditation that I disconnect myself from this crazy world. I just sit in my studio and focus on a song or album trying to be open and receptive, listen carefully and see what the artist is trying to say, how good the song is produced and if I can connect with her/his craft.

How I'd be happy to experience music?

  1. Imagine you are focusing on Retrograde by James Blake and listening through it again and again in headphones with a high volume for half an hour and experiencing it for real,
      • How does it feel?
      • Isn’t it a beautiful and creative song that makes you think?
      • Do you recognize the beauty and warmth of the vocal? Those lovely modular synth sounds? The rising and falling quality of drama and intensity of cinematic sounds and ambience?
  2. Or this one. Remembering by Avishai Cohen. Besides the beautiful main melody itself, can you hear:
      • All those natural sounding frequencies of the Piano, Double Bass and Drums?
      • The orgy of all those wide, dynamic and well recorded and produced sounds and ambience?
  3. And finally this one. Collapse / Collide by Archive,
      • Can you feel the gentle and well-crafted build up of all the instruments and vocals that takes almost 6 minutes to finally deliver the main message of the song in the chorus at 5:40?

They’re correcting
They correct my heart
They’re rejecting
They reject our hearts
Now we’re all stoned
They’ve ripped it all apart
Collapse, collide

This song was moving me so much that I was listening to it near 10 times per day for a while. Finally, I took my bass one day, played along with it and recorded a video of the whole thing, which can be watched here.

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