Here we have listed some ideas about how you can support us and why we think it's fair to do so

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Thanks for being here. Below you can find some words about why we think it is fair that music lovers and artists support us. Hope it will resonate with you:

Rich sources of information like good journalism, detailed books, carefully curated contents or websites that require time and effort are rarely free. When you find them, it’s probably important to support them by following, sharing, and/or paying. When we enjoy something that we aren’t paying for, we tend not to value it enough. Lack of support can remove the incentive to look after a resource and leads to a “Tragedy of the commons situation”. As Aristotle put it, “For that which is common to the greatest number has the least care bestowed upon it.”

A good portion of online content succumbs to the free rider problem. We enjoy it, yet we don’t pay for it. We expect it to be free. If users weren’t willing to support websites that take care of the content quality, content curators would likely fold, start publishing lower quality articles, or sell readers to advertisers who collect their data. The end result, as we see too frequently, is low-quality content funded by page-view advertising.

One of the main aims of is to provide visitors and followers with quality music. We do that by distilling numerous flows of submitted music and our own sources, into few suitable tracks for each playlist. Besides that, we work on making yearly playlists, mixing genre-based mixtapes and writing artist features. Additionally, we are taking care of communication with artists and their teams, managing social channels as well as maintenance and development of the website.

All these are time-consuming processes that need critical listening, deep thinking, researching & data gathering, writing & IT skills, planning and organizing. In addition to that, there are costs connected to acoustics and equipments of our critical listening room, domain & hosting, third-party applications & plugins, diverse media subscription & purchases and so on.. That’s why we think it’s fair if our audience support us. Here we have listed some ideas about how you can do that. By supporting us, you, who are probably a music lover and follow the website and its content, create a positive externality for others by helping support the free content.

Spread the word 📢

Spread the word about us and help to keep the independent music alive. Be a good fellow! Support us as well as artists who have their tracks in the playlists/mixtapes/blog. As an artist or PR/manager/record lable, you probably have a good idea about how to engage your fans the best way. Here are some ideas just to name a few:

Share on your social channels 🎇

Talk about the playlist/mixtape on your social channels, blog, newsletter or website and let your fans and friends know if the tracks in it are something for them. It’s you who decide how to write your posts. But, we think you don’t really need to thank us in your posts! Simply focus on the music. Make it possible for your fans to enjoy the playlist or mixtape. For example, you can share:

  • How you liked the playlist or mixtape?
  • Where and how your audience can enjoy it the most? Maybe while:
    • Driving?
    • Daydreaming?
    • Relaxing in the evenings?
    • Partying on the weekends?
    • Lying on the couch and designing something in the head?
    • Having some lovely coziness in bed with headphones on?
    • And so on..
  • You can also tag or mention us in your post so we can get a chance to get notified about it and engage with it.
  • Here are some examples of artists sharing on:

Pin this to a notice board 📌

Print simple PDF version of the submission instructions and pin it to the notice board in your local practice rooms or cultural centers. If you own a studio and produce, record, mix and master for other musicians, hang this somewhere so visitors can also have a look at it.

Tell your friends 🗣️

Tell your friends about the possibility to:

Follow 🦉

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Subscribe to newsletter 📨

Subscribe to the newsletter. It will include some hand-picked tracks with a ΞGood StuffΞ badge on them every now and then!

Take a look at our online store 🛒

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