Music Update October 2021, For the Love of Music

Music Update October 2021

Here it comes, music update of October 2021. These tracks, artists and bands are the ones that captured most of our attention during the past month. We had a really good time listening to them over and over again! 🙂

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Music Update Amazed by The Moment:

I started making nature sounds & meditation music during the COVID19 pandemic. I wrote various types of music and sounds: rain sounds, meditation music, healing frequencies, rainforest ambience, handpan relaxation music, calm waves.

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Music Update Light Songs for Lazy Sundays:

Last year I decided it was time to produce my debut-album after 7 years and 400 shows, and last week it was released into the world!

It’s called “Revelation Never Came”, and I see it as a bit of a journey that takes you as the listener on a trip through my musical identity. It’s got quite a few different moods, from more feel-good indie/folk and groovy road-trip americana to some more mellow/melancholic songs.

It’s hard to pick one song, but one I’m particular proud of is What It Ain’t, because I wrote and performed it along with a few of my favorite musicians: BOBBIE (FR), Dési Ducrot (NL) and Baptiste W. Hamon (FR).

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Allan took a 40-year break from the music industry after getting married and starting a family. Now in his early 70’s, he is writing with fire and passion. Love Is a Merry-go-round is his newest acoustic-inspired release, produced by his online guitar teacher and finger-style guitarist extraordinaire, Lance Allen.

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The song “Bus Notes” talks about that “end of a long day” feeling, when you try to process everything that had happened but at a certain point, you understand that you need to call it a day. Sometimes emotions are just too complex to be processed in one day and not every goal can be met in a single day.

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Music Update Chill Elektrons:

A handful of years ago, Avicii and Nicky Romero hooked me on electronic music. After a short time it was not enough for me to listen to their tunes. So I wrote my first songs and music became my greatest passion.

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Music Update Electronic Kite:

Monzilla is a newly emerging artist who loves to explore the melodic and progressive side of House and Techno. Monzilla has always had a deep interest in music, which began with his late grandfather, who taught him how to use a keyboard.

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