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LabelRadar streamlines the demo submission process across the music industry, helping artists get heard while also allowing labels and promoters to review new submissions in an efficient and addictive way.

Better for Artists

No more detective work

Instead of spending your time hunting down the (often inactive) email address to send your demo to, simply upload it to our platform, and we make sure your demo gets in front of the exact right person at the label or promoter of your choice.

Real-time notifications

No more psychic powers required to guess whether your demo has even been heard or not. You’ll know exactly when a label or a promoter has listened to it, and if they show interest, you’ll be the first to know.

Better for Labels

Tame your wild inbox

No more dipping in and out of clicking Soundcloud links that don’t load, downloading massive WAV files and mis-labelled MP3 tracks. Take back control and review submissions in a unified format, a bajillion times faster than your current setup allows.

One platform to rule them all

Think of LabelRadar as your one stop shop for sourcing new music. From the very first time you hear a new track, all the way until after you’ve released it, our platform will be there to make the process as seamless and efficient for you as possible.

Better for Promoters

Submissions don’t have to be a mission

Getting bombarded on social media to check out people’s Soundcloud bro? Tired of having to make space on your Macbook to download another WAV file submission, even though you specifically asked for streaming links only? We’ve got you covered.

More fire emoji, less sad face emoji

LabelRadar allows you to seamlessly review demos in one unified format that cuts straight to the chase, with all the info you need. Then when you find something you want to promote, jump in a chat (R.I.P. convoluted email chains), send and exchange agreements, all in one place.

Better for Fans

Have your say, get heard

Get involved and help your favorite promoters and labels find their next big release – become the hotshot scout they never knew they needed! Listen through the clips and simply swipe right on those you like. Labels and promoters all around the world will then use this information to help them decide which demos to sign and promote.

Prove your skills

Get ahead of the game. You’ll be able to see if you’re the first person to give your “stamp of approval” to a track – not just from amongst your friends, but in the whole world too. Gain recognition for liking tracks before anyone else, including the labels and promoters who go on to sign the track. It’s time to show off!

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