Have your music featured in films, TV shows, video games, and brand campaigns


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SYNCR gives you the opportunity to have your music featured in some of the world’s biggest films, TV shows, video games, and brand campaigns. We’ll also alert you when appropriate labels are looking for new talent. Whether you’re a songwriter, band, DJ or composer, landing the right brief could explode your fan base on a global level.

SYNCR connects emerging artists with content creators to help create the perfect soundtrack for the biggest films, TV shows, video games, and brand campaigns.

For Artists

Syncr is built for Artists, like you. Finding your big break is hard, we’re here to help make it a little easier.

Our goal is to help elevate the career of emerging artists to their next levels via sync licensing, unique music opportunities and more.

We offer a totally free subscription which allows artists to apply for playlist, blog, brand and label opportunities without limits or any costs. You can also sign up for Syncr Pro by paying a small monthly fee. Syncr Pro gives you access to all our top TV, film, video game and ad and exclusive opportunity briefs as well as our Syncr Masterclasses.

For Brands

Are you a brand looking for new untapped music? Syncr is the perfect resource for you.

The process is simple; artists submit their music based on your needs, budget, deadline and references. We then provide you with a handpicked shortlist of songs, ready for you to use for your creative needs.

With placements on VW, Bosch & Rebel Sport ads, movies, vinyl records, festivals, podcasts, labels, charity singles and more, Syncr can also make finding the right music a part of your marketing process by using our platform to promote successful syncs.

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