2022 has arrived to an end! Here you can see our top favorites of the past year. 8 playlists and a total of 117 tracks are what we hand-picked as top of the tops. We have also arranged them in a favorable way for the ears of our listeners. Please enjoy and don’t forget to support artists in whatever way that fits you best! 🙂

For the Love of Electrons 2022 Electronic music that moved us during 2022

For the Love of Chill Elektrons 2022 Electronic music that slowed us down during 2022

For the Love of Progressive Rock & Metal 2022 Progressive Rock and Metal music that intrigued us during 2022

For the Love of Rock 2022 Top Rock discoveries of 2022

For the Love of World Music 2022 Songs from various countries and cultures that we connected with during 2022

For the Love of Jazz & Blues 2022 Jazz & Blues that soothed us during 2022

For the Love of Lazy Sundays 2022 Tunes that relaxed our Sundays during 2022

Amazing Moments 2022 Music that amazed us during 2022

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