Playlist curators you can submit your music to

Playlist Curators You Can Submit Your Music To

Are you searching for playlist curators to send your music to? 🔎 Here we have collected some information for you. Hope that it will help you. 🙂

How does it feel for an artist when she and her team have been going through the intense process of writing and producing a new single, EP or album for months and now they are ready with everything? Probably, all they want in the world is to put it out there and see the world hearing it.

In this digital era, getting featured on playlists can be a key factor to the success of a new release. Artists want to learn about ways to get featured on playlists. But how to do that? Here is a list of playlist curators who accept music submissions to their playlists:

  1. Soundplate is a record label and electronic music platform. You can submit your music to Spotify and Deezer playlist curators and also discover new sounds.
  2. For The Love of Bands is a resource to discover awesome new independent & emerging talents. The team consists of highly dedicated music lovers.
  3. Fluence is a platform connecting art, products, and ideas to curators.
  4. MySphera is the matchmaker between artist’s music and tastemakers.
  5. Daily Playlists is a database of independent Spotify and YouTube playlists and playlist curators, updated regularly with new music, playlists & reviews.
  6. N.O.D Musik is in love with 20 to 20 000 Hz and curates quality musical experience for audiophiles’ headphones, speakers and screens.

  1. 🧐 Read carefully and respect submission instructions some playlist curators provide about things like:
    • What type of information they need
    • Which genres they accept
    • How they want you to submit
  2. Check the vibe of the playlist you are submitting to and make sure your track fits there. Curators will love you for this! 🤗 You can even mention the name of the playlist you are submitting to. This helps the curator to be more prepared and focused when checking your submission.
  3. Make sure to support the curators in some way, for example by following their playlists or giving them a shoutout on your social channels.

N.O.D Musik is a Gothenburg-based music curation platform launched with the goal of supporting artists, musicians and producers to get heard.

For our audience and music lovers, we provide high-quality curated playlists, mixtapes, music reviews and merchandise.

For artists, we provide the help to spread the word to a wider range of audience encouraging new fans to support artists’ works. We also curate a collection of useful tools for artists to reach new fans.

Here you can submit your music to us.


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