Music Update May & June 2022, For the Love of Music

Music Update May & June 2022

Here comes music update of May & June 2022. These tracks, artists and bands are the ones that captured most of our attention during the last months. We had a really good time listening to them over and over again! 🙂

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“writing my songs is like keeping a diary. Everything i sing is sincere and i hope that people hear the honesty. My first EP came very naturally. It marks a time before things got heavy and reminds me of the juvenile me where life was simple. Listening to it puts my mind at ease, i hope it does the same to you.”

Roman aka Y-LIMIT is a singer/songwriter that makes music with traces of EDM, hip-hop, indie rock, folk. Born in Moldova, but at an early age moves to United States.

After living in Midwest for several years, going to school, later he decides for the big move to NYC. This was the place of his formation and all the experiences that have polished him into who he is as a human and artist. Experimenting with his sound, his approach to music, and challenging his life philosophy.

Combining folk, funk, and psych-rock into trippy experimental pop, multi-instrumentalist Jaako Eino Kalevi wove his own breed of weird, textural synth pop. Taking a slightly different approach with each release, he moved from the introspective dream pop of 2018’s Out of Touch to more demented funk on the 2019 mini-album Dissolution.

Kalevi grew up in Jyväskylä, a city in central Finland. He began making music as a boy after discovering Dream Theater‘s prog-metal and hip-hop, teaching himself how to play guitar and use beat-making software before exploring reggae, disco, techno, and more.

Music Update Chill Elektrons

Music Update Electronic Kite

Producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Toronto, Canada, originally from IRAN is known for his unique style in using authentic organic sound in his music. His second album “Ray of Hope” was released on Windcatcher Records in 2017 and was nominated for Best World Music Album of the Year in 16th annual Independent Music Award in NYC. His debut album Sound of Silence was released in 2012 and received warm critical acclaim.

Born in Iran, Sina started learning Santur at the age seven from his father, Master Javad Bathaie and studied Persian classical repertoire (Radif) with the instrument Oud. He later studied Composition and Orchestration for Films at Berklee College of Music and has scored movies such as The Horse Latitudes, Un royaume déménage, Ameno and Mr Settled Immigrant.

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