Music Update March 2022, For the Love of Music

Music Update Mar 2022

Here comes music update of March 2022. These tracks, artists and bands are the ones that captured most of our attention during the last month. We had a really good time listening to them over and over again! 🙂

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Music Update Electronic Kite

There are producers out there who go the route of quantity. Then you have producers who go the route of quality. Paso Doble and Fabio Aurea are the latter. This new release combines the talents of those great producers mentioned before and the talented vocalist Coco.

‘When You’re Back’ is an organic, deep and soulful take on tribal house (perhaps afro). What we love here is the combination of groove and song. Make no mistake this is house music, but it’s got songwriting credentials; showcasing Coco’s beautiful vocal and holding the melody, the production that holds its hand and leads it gently down the street.

It’s stand-out and precious, a moment to be remembered. Let’s face that’s rare in house music. You don’t want to let this pass you by.

This is a heartfelt song which Alicia wrote and produced, recorded it in the studio with layers of harmony and vocals. Alicia Daydreams, 16 years old composer/writer/performer/producer, her music is her milestone moments which she wants to share with her listeners.

She puts her unique character, connecting with you from every aspect of life. Giving you an essence experience from her soul, you may encounter a connection through sounds. Lyrics may relate; instrumental may make you dance; however, you’ll still feel a connection with that mastermind.

Your wish is a command; however, you demand no limitations. Let’s connect on the social outlet below.

A sweet, soft tune written for a friend who had a hard time finding true love. Hope it can be encouraging for the people who need it.

Hailing from mid-Sweden, Roseph is a four piece band that is taking the lead in a new wave ofScandinavian pop music. With emotional and colourful guitar parts combined with heavy basslines, sophisticated drum grooves and infectious melodies, the band’s habitat is a wastelandbetween uncompromising rock music and raw pop. Since Roseph’s inception in 2017, the fourlads have been taking inspiration from acts such as Kate Bush, U2 and Frank Ocean. Alwaysputting the production and songwriting craft at the center of things, Roseph distinguishthemselves as users of poetic, and sometimes abstract, lyrics.

néomí is the moniker for folk-pop singer-songwriter neomi speelman. inspired by artist like bon iver, ben howard, bob dylan phoebe bridgers, the paper kites and novo amor, she writes authentic and sincere stories backed by dreamy soundscapes inspired by classic folk songwriters, old and new alike. writing songs has been a second nature to her since she first picked up the guitar. debut ep ‘before’ is released on june 24th via [pias].

“writing my songs is like keeping a diary. everything i sing is sincere and i hope that people hear the honesty. my first ep came very naturally. it marks a time before things got heavy and reminds me of the juvenile me where life was simple. listening to it puts my mind at ease, i hope it does the same to you.”

OF NØRTH return with their second single ‘The Record’ on March 11, a beautifully honest, yet heart-breaking track that features stunning strings from Davide Rossi (Coldplay, Sigur Ros, Goldfrapp).

“Life has no maps, straight lines or certainties. Small changes can go unnoticed but slowly and surely collect together until the change becomes inevitable. This is the song you hope you’ll never have to sing, and even more so, pray you’ll never have to be sung” – OF NØRTH

Music Update Amazed by The Moment

Ephemeralda is a story about love, but also about loss…Ephemeralda’s Dream is a part of Chapter I, the first of many releases in the Ephemeralda project, with melodic piano pieces.

Simon Berggren is a Swedish piano player and composer. His music is characterized by simple melodies that is given life from the underlying harmonic structure.

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