Music Update April 2022, For the Love of Music

Music Update Apr 2022

Here comes music update of April 2022. These tracks, artists and bands are the ones that captured most of our attention during the last month. We had a really good time listening to them over and over again! 🙂

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Emma Alves is an independent and passion-driven artist from Vancouver, Canada. The R&B songstress delivers honey-dipped vocals that coax her listener’s full attention. Their genre-bending songs ‘Archenemy‘ and ‘Winter‘ lean into the darker side of her writing, previewing a taste of what’s to come later this year. The song “Archenemy” is produced in Tokyo, Japan. It emulates the beautiful setting of its creation through the lyrics: “Sweeter than sakura trees in the spring”.

Growing up a songwriter, Emma has always had an impressive hand in the making of their music. As a young girl, they would write whimsical songs about fairies and magic. At just 15 years old, she wrote the entirety of her debut album, ‘Every Dreamer.’ Now, Alves thrives to find magic within the studio, overseeing all aspects of the creative process.

Music Update Rock & Metal Block

Australian alternative/rock outfit Mass Sky Raid formed in 2011, releasing their debut EP Courage Under Fire mid 2013. This receiving strong media reviews, including a 4.5 / 5-star rating in Blunt Magazine, which resulted in MSR supporting high profile touring national and international artists.

Mass Sky Raid followed up their successful EP with their first full length album Science of Fiction. Each released from the album gained considerable airplay on local and national radio across Australia including Triple J, Triple M, Rebel FM, 4ZZZ and 2FBi, in addition to over 40 stations worldwide. Their single Closer was also placed in radio station, Triple M’s Top 30 of home grown tracks. In 2019 Mass Sky Raid gained recognition for their art through finalist nominations at the Queensland Australia and Gold Coast Music awards across 4 categories, including; ‘Best album’, ‘Best Song’, ‘Breakout Artist of the year’ and ‘People’s choice award’.

“Katoomba” was actually the first song that we wrote for the album and, whilst we try and bring a different vibe to all of our songs, we feel that “Katoomba” really summarises the sound of ‘Giant Walker’. Lyrically, it captures the essence of how we felt at the time – trying to stay sane in the first lockdown. Funnily enough, the song was actually named after a trip to the Blue Mountains, Katoomba in Australia, as that’s where we purchased the fuzz pedal which inspired the initial riff.

Rowan Hudson’s Passing Ships are a 5 piece ensemble playing original music which touches on jazz and folk influences in a minimalist setting. Their self titled debut album was released in 2019, which was followed up by ‘An Illustrated Land’ in 2022.

The track “Hopper’s Passage” is inspired by a painting called “Approaching a City” by the American artist Edward Hopper.

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