Here comes music highlights of Mar & Apr 2023. These tracks, artists and bands are the ones that captured most of our attention during the last months. We had a really good time listening to them over and over again! 🙂

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Music Update Music Medley

Maelan is a Belgo-Ivorian singer, songwriter and producer raised in Brussels, based in London and who considers Senegal as his country of adoption. A journey of self doubt and self discovery led him to finally be able to share music again.

“A Jaraama” which means thank you in Pulaar is a tribute to love beyond blood ties, in collaboration with Malick Pathé Sow, renown Senegalese griot who was once managed by his step dad. The song was recorded between Brussels, Dakar and London and is composed, produced and mixed by Maëlan.

Avra plays ‘sarod’, an Indian classical instrument, and has got formal training of Indian classical music under tutelage of world renowned classical musician Aashish Khan, who is pioneer of Indo American fusion. Avra Banerjee works as an independent musician and formed a World Music band with fellow musicians called Ragamorphism and his 2 subsequent releases received nomination in the category of best Instrumental/fusion music by GIMA in 2013 and IMA, USA in 2014.

He has done concerts in India and abroad and currently settled in Australia where he formed a band called SwaraSynthesis.

Andrew Vogt is an accomplished musician and composer from Chicago who, in addition to writing, producing and performing his own original music, collaborates and performs regularly with singers and songwriters from all genres of music.

From Ernie Watts (Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa, Pat Metheny) to Isaiah Sharkey (John Mayer, D’Angelo) to Woody Goss (Vulfpeck) he is featured on almost 20 hours worth of music (over 30 albums) on Spotify from different collaborations and side projects.

With a smooth bass line, a swinging sax solo, and some gentle crooning by Marc Eliot, I Call New York My Home makes you feel like you are walking down 42nd street and getting ready to go to your favorite Broadway musical after a relaxing stay at the Waldorf Astoria. Or perhaps you’ve just finished your night on the town and are enjoying your last stop at a piano bar, sipping your favorite beverage while Marc serenades the room.

Music Update Electronic Kite

Meet David Reiterer alias RYDO, the Vienna-based producer, singer and DJ. Always passionate about music, it wasn’t until he started going to clubs a few years ago that he discovered his love for electronic music. As a result he started to develop his own sound, characterized by pulsating beats, ethereal melodies, and haunting vocals, all of which combine to create a powerful and immersive sonic experience, always remaining committed to his craft.

David’s passion for music is rooted in a desire to provide people with an opportunity to feel more balanced & present in the moment when listening to music. This is especially important in today’s fast-paced world, where many people struggle to find moments of calm and serenity, time for themselves.

Gloom is Okay describes their music as ‘Happy/Sad music for Happy/Sad people’, combining darker lyrical themes with upbeat guitar riffs and powerful synthesizers.

The new single ‘Butcher’ was written and performed by Gloom is Okay and creates a unique blend, bringing to mind the likes of Porcupine Tree, Anathema, Nine Inch Nails, (to name a few). Butcher is about a self-made vicious cycle where you continually repeat the same behaviours that make you unhappy. You want to lift yourself up and feel motivated, bu

Music Update Rock & Metal Block

“The difficulty of choice”. This track speaks about the paths that unfold throughout our lives. Some paths cross or separate, while others seem more difficult to walk than others. Even though no one knows what lies at the end, one must choose and move forward, no matter the cost.

Music Update Amazed by The Moment

This piece is a sonic yearning. A delicate piano forms a foundation for one instrument in isolation. This is a viola, its sound shaped to represent the dichotomy of pain and calm in the acceptance of never attaining one’s desire, an inner wailing. The piece is one of mood rather than form, the piano arrangement ever restless in shape and dynamics, the wistful, distant, melancholic tone of the viola giving a sense of wishful longing.

“Already Knew” is a 6-minute sound bowl recording, with added atmospheres, ethereal bells and other organic percussion. This track is meant to help us remember what we’ve forgotten. It is performed monthly at BLISS meetups in Toronto. This song is part of Panpsyche, an artistic entity dedicated to raising awareness via music. 

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