Bastian Per, Argentinian Progressive Rock Band

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Argentinian band, Bastian Per invites us to join them during their journey. It has started near 5 years ago, from their own dreams, music fascinations and early days inspirations. 

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‘Epic Journey’ can be definitely seen as an AOR album (Album-oriented rock), however each song can proudly stand on its own. The album is well-balanced, thought through and smoothly takes us with the band to explore the world with their eyes. Mariano’s voice has undeniable charm. Emotions are shared, the story is convincing and honest. ‘Epic Journey’ is twined with heavy riffs and melodic instrumental parts, enriched with great keyboards.

‘Epic Journey’ by Bastian Per has been received very well. Much-discussed and already reviewed on major-league magazines, like Prog Magazine issue #100, Fireworks Rock & Metal issue #88 or Power Rock & Metal Magazine issue #225.

Last song, after which the album is named acts as a recap. Hardships and joys, ups and downs, internal dialogs and fights to reach the age-long goal. Achieve dreams.

(…) Every time I close my eyes;

I see the dream come true

And the moment takes me high (…)

(…) You are fighting for your dream

You have to make your way

Through the cornerstone

Face your fears,

This can’t go on like this (…)

(…) It seems like yesterday,

When this was all falling apart.

‘Epic Journey’ can be streamed on:

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The second track of the album, Whispers in the Silence, is what we chose for our progressive rock playlist, “Rock & Metal Progressive Walk“.


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