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What Makes Soundplate Different?

Soundplate is an independent record label and music platform

So just like every other small record label or music blog right? Wrong.

We are truly focused on helping artists

An easy statement to make, but a hard one to back up. So here goes:

Our label has helped artists from all over the world rack up millions of streams without ever forcing them to sign long term exclusive deals (leaving them free to work with other labels and companies). We believe in empowering artists, not holding them back.

Aside from running our record label in the most artist-friendly way we can, we still keep our blog updated, helping acts on other labels and independent artists get some extra exposure from our growing fanbase.

We also run MusicFibre. A totally free directory of music industry recources, services and tools. Additionally, the MusicFibre website publishes helpful guides/blog posts for artists and has other useful tools like a Spotify royalties calculator and industry job board.

Last year, we discovered that indie artists were coming up against major problems getting into influential Spotify playlists. We decided to do something about it.

We launched our Spotify playlist submission system. It has since become one of the leading sources to discover Spotify playlists and the most effective way to reach Spotify curators. We have helped thousands of artists get their music featured on hundreds of Spotify playlists.

We build our own technology & tools and solve problems for the independent music community

We believe in the power of tech to help us work more efficiently and to help artists and labels get the most from their music.

Rather than relying on the tools already out there in the market, we aim to build as many of our own systems and tools as possible. By using our own technology we can help artists get the most out of their music, make smart decisions when promoting releases and ultimately believe we can change the industry for the better.

This year we have plans to launch some more public tools to help artists, keep an eye on our website or social media for more details!

The love came first

We are passionate music geeks. Before Soundplate was a record label, it was a music blog. Before the blog we were event promoters and social media specialists. Before everything we were huge music fans.

The love for the music came first, Soundplate as you see it today is an amalgamation of everything that came before it. We have gained so much from our experiences in the industry.

The music came first, the music will always come first.

The music is always the most important thing

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and for your on-going support.

Matt & Team Soundplate


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