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Reviews of up and coming independent and emerging bands and artists.

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If you don’t want to rely on radio stations to discover new music, you definitely have to check out our Spotify playlists. Curated with love and care.

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Helpful tips to assist artists in promoting their tracks on e.g. social media, Spotify, Soundcloud and monetizing through e.g. the blockchain.

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The team consist of highly dedicated music lovers who know how hard it is to get your newly recorded independent gems heard and promoted on music blogs and Spotify. Especially if you want to spend your hard-earned bucks on instruments and recordings, rather than shady promotion companies promising you the world…

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  • Cuecliché talk about new ‘The Cliché EP’ – catchy riffs that hark back to the early 2000s September 5, 2022
                Cuecliche's Terry Rytz was inspired to post a “musicians wanted” ad on Gumtree, following an acoustic Blink 182 show he’d seen at Banquet records. After what the band now describe as, “many a false dawn”, he finally met Jake at a bar in London, the two of them instantly bonding over a shared love […]
    Simon Gale
  • Matt Walker on creating the United States of Alpho July 27, 2022
    Finding Inspiration Everyone has a COVID story, and Matt Walker is no exception. With an enforced break from his heavy musical demands  and amidst personal upheaval, Matt found himself drawn in a different direction. One that was freeing rather than restrictive. He allowed himself to get lost in music, leaving words behind, immersed in instrumentation […]
    Lynette Bamford
  • Interview KVNE x Badlook | fearlessly blending their influences and leaning onto strong melodies and outspoken songwriting June 21, 2022
    Both hailing from Canada, KVNE and Badlook met as teenagers, in a small local town where they were both performing with their respective metal bands, before crossing paths again years later under the exact same circumstances. We sat down with KVNE and Badlook to talk about their latest single Heroin, their background and more. On […]
    Roel Wensink

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