Would you like to co-write your next release together? Maybe I can help. Please start with sending your demos

Maybe you want to write a song together?

Are you working on your next release and would like to co-create and release it together?

    • Then please send your demo by putting it up on the web and sending it as a link to contact@nodmusik.com. I will listen to it and get back to you if there is something I can help you with.
    • You don’t need to provide any notation/tablature even though that also works if you think it’s needed for your project. I usually listen to the demo and try to add my own ideas, textures, layers, vocals, rhythms and instrument lines to start with. We can later rehearse it and do fine alignments and possible changes together until we are both satisfied.
    • We can also work on other dimensions of the upcoming release and contribute with our ideas, experiences, knowledge and network to create and release the track together. Dimensions like the concept, lyrics, track name, artworks, emotions, energy level, marketing, publishing, release and so on to improve the track in any possible way.
    •  Instruments/Equipments I use:
      • Guitar: Cordoba GK Studio (Pick-up or Mic)
      • Bass: 5-String Fender Jazz Bass. Custom Classic Series
      • Audio Interface: MOTU 828es
      • MIDI Controllers, Synths, Plugins, etc.
    • Delivery: You will receive the audio file of each instrument/line recorded for your track in WAV or AIFF format. The available recording and exporting sample rates are 44.1, 48 and 96 kHz.
    • Copyright: There are two ways we can work it out when it comes to copyright and royalties
      • Fixed Rate: You pay a fixed rate per music track depending on the amount of work and contributions done by me. You will own all the rights and will receive all the music files.
      • Registered Co-writer: We co-writers are registered as contributors to the track and are given a percentage of the ownership based on how much each party has contributed, which is documented and signed on paper (A template usually used for this purpose can be downloaded here). Depending on the type of deal you have with your record label or if you are a DIY artist and use publishing aggregators, we can come into an agreement about the slight changes needed based on the situation. But, it usually goes like what mentioned. We share “Musical Composition Rights” and “Sound Recording Rights”.

Want to know more about copyright rules governing registered co-writers?

Here and here you can find some general rules and numbers regarding distribution of shares through STIM (Sweden’s music copyright organization or “Svenska Tonsättares Internationella Musikbyrå” in Swedish). Also, there are good educational materials on ASCAP’s website* about how to co-write with other musicians and what to think about in advance.

* You don’t necessarily need to use ASCAP and can use the corresponding organization for music creators and publishers that administers and licenses performing and mechanical rights to music and lyrics in your country. A comprehensive list of these organizations around the world can be found here.

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