A collaborative project to share the works of emerging & independent artists through playlists

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Noise of Dreams is a collaborative project to share the works of emerging & independent artists. The musical works promoted by Noise of Dreams Network have in common the commitment to artistic quality in relation to minimalism, taking as a reference the idea that “less is more”. You can find from classical music to avant-garde, ambient, new age, soundscapes, field recordings & experimental music. Likewise, we offer support to independent artists of all genres through our social profiles and our specialized playlists.

All music, videos, photographs, media and texts are the property of the artists, so their use or distribution must have their authorization. Noise of Dreams Network does not carry out any type of economic activity and does not generate income through any type of contractual relationship between the artists or between the agents related to the music industry that may appear on the website. Noise of Dreams Network is therefore a great community of professionals from the world of music with common interests, its goal is to establish strong ties of union through social networks, which generate collaboration opportunities outside the brand noiseofdreams.org.

noiseofdreams.org is a collaborative platform promoting international artists. A large part of the works of the artists are independent. If you are a record label, producer, composer, music manager, music distributor, music schools or concert hall, you are invited to participate in our project through our section of independent partners. If you want to contact any of these services, we may be able to help you.

From Noise of Dreams Network we think that music is a universal art, a communication channel that connects people regardless of their physical or intellectual condition.

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