A bunch of music professionals and enthusiasts unearthing the most promising new music

HumanHuman music professionals and enthusiasts

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Here’s what you can do on HumanHuman

Discover new music

More than 25,000 artists have been discovered and added by our users to HumanHuman so far. By collectively agreeing on the most promising, we’ve unearthed the world’s biggest stars before anyone even heard of them.

Build up a portfolio

Love discovering new artists? Add your findings to your profile by clicking the plus sign in the top right corner and we will keep track of their popularity. Once they become more popular, you are rewarded with reputation points and climb up the chart of best discoverers.

Discuss new artists

Think someone else’s discovery is promising? Express your thoughts by leaving a comment and give the artist an Agree to show your love. Once artists have enough Agrees, they are presented on the homepage.

Follow the tastemakers

HumanHuman’s community consists of music bloggers, A&Rs, radio professionals, festival organizers and music enthusiasts. Follow them to keep up to date with their discoveries, comments and agrees on your Inbox page.

Read articles

We regularly publish compelling longreads that go deeper into the music industry’s vital topics. We also do extensive interviews with upcoming artists and playlist based articles to make it easier for you to discover the best new music.

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