Our mission

Making the world more accessible

Fluence was created to connect people and unlock our capacity to help each other. Our premise is that the best way to promote your work is to directly connect to people who can recommend you to others or give you useful feedback. The hardest part has always been finding the right people who would give you their time and focused attention. So we built Fluence to make people more accessible to receiving your promotions in a fair and useful way. It’s a people powered peer-to-peer platform that promotes any individual, business, or brand, no matter how big or small.

Before Fluence, the only way to promote to new audiences was through paid advertising or fees to other middle-men. Advertising interrupts and annoys people, and its success rate is less than a fraction of a percent. Hiring an agency to promote for you can be very expensive with long commitments and still not deliver you the results you need. In either case, your important promotional connections are too crucial to be managed and controlled by 3rd parties. With Fluence you own the relationships of the people you’re promoting to, so you can directly reach out to them again for your future promotions.


Promotion for the people by the people

Fluence was built by a distributed team of entrepreneurs, designers, and engineers who were deeply dissatisfied with the status quo in trying to promote media in the digital age. We believe that the world is becoming more decentralized and autonomous. People are now empowered to connect directly with each other to provide services that were previously available only through centralized corporations. This is evident in transportation with Uber, housing with AirBnB, and banking with Bitcoin and Blockchain to name a few examples. These new decentralized services are much more efficient, personal, and affordable than their oligopolistic counterparts.

We are building a people powered platform to offer a much healthier and more effective means of accessing people’s time and attention. Fluence represents a new era of what promotion could be when you connect directly with people on their own terms instead of spamming them or interrupting them with annoying ads. If you would like to join our development effort and build a better future, please reach out to contact@fluence.io.

How it works

Connecting people on their own terms

Fluence is a global marketplace of people who make themselves accessible to receive your promotions. Some include curators, writers, experts, advisors, investors, designers, bloggers, playlisters, producers, agents, technologists, entrepreneurs, artists, DJs, and other trusted sources who actively work with digital media. They create a profile specifying their areas of interest and expertise along with a rate for their time and focused attention.

You can browse profiles or featured Fluence Lists of people who can meet your promotional needs. Use our advanced targeting to search by key-word tags or sync your social accounts to find people on Fluence who you’re connected to on the social web. You’re always in control since you pick and choose who receives your promotion. When you select people, the cost is based on the rate they set for their time multiplied by the length of your promotion.

Once you make an order, the people you choose have two weeks to engage with your promotion. After two weeks, you will be refunded for the portion of any promotion that was not listened to, watched, or opened, so you only pay for actual engagement and nothing more. Fluence tracks all the feedback and social sharing with real-time reporting in a central dashboard. You can easily see how your promotion was shared around the web and further connect with the people who liked your promotion.

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