Music submission to Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Google Play Music and Apple Music playlists

Submission alternatives

Please read these notes before submitting or sending your music.

1. Submit your music to receive a feedback

You get a personal feedback on different aspects of your tracks regardless of whether or not they are chosen to be added to a playlist. You pay a small fee for this and will receive a refund in case I couldn’t make to review, analyse and comment on your submission in less than 10 days:

  • Reach me on HumanHuman
  • Follow the steps on the website

2. Submit your track for playlist consideration

Fill in the form and your track will be checked. If it’s a fit, it will be added to the requested playlist and you will get informed. Please limit the number of submissions to two tracks per artist and submit the track just once.

You don’t pay for anything. So please be nice and support me back for all the hassle. Here you can read about what you can do in return.

Probably you can understand it’s not an easy job to listen to five hundred new songs each month and distill this flow of music into few beautiful tracks for each genre and organize them to suitable playlists so everyone can enjoy.

3. Send a DVD, CD, Vinyl or Cassette

I can’t hide how much I love sitting in studio with a cup of tea in hand, playing a CD or Vinyl, looking at the album artworks, checking the booklet, track names, lyrics, name of team members, etc. I mean there is a whole bunch of information there to learn and dig into when you have the physical craft in hand. Who made this record? How is it composed? Who wrote the lyrics? What is it all about? How the artist wanted to communicate her feelings through the craft? Who recorded/mixed/mastered it? In which studio? What the artworks are trying to convey? Who are the players? How they left their signatures on the music? And so on..

It takes time. But it is so lovely. Isn’t it? 

If you want me to experience your craft this way, you can send it to:

PO Box 1040
Kristinehöjdsgatan 9A
412 82 Gothenburg

For physical music submission, make sure you include your contact information and social links in the post packet or inform me about the postage through contact form.

Please have these in mind

Music quality

Please submit tracks which:

  • Have a professional level of songwriting, production, singing, artworks, etc.
  • Are ready for the public listener
  • Can present you best
  • Can reflect your musical personality

It’s good for everyone and hears better.

Accepted genres

I love a wide range of musical genres except:

  • Hip Hop/Rap
  • Growling Metal
  • Religious
  • Political

If your track falls into the mentioned genres, please consider sending it to curators who are active in those fields. You may find some help here.

Payola or other types of transactions

  • Money is not accepted just for adding a track to a playlist. I try to keep a pure editorial mentality and rather to consider quality, the vibes of the playlists and be honest to my own taste when choosing a track for playlists.
  • Sending DVDs, CDs, Vinyls, Cassettes, merchandise, liking, following, sharing, retweeting, posting about the playlists, subscribing, etc. doesn’t guarantee that your track will be added to a playlist.
  • Physical items sent to N.O.D can’t be returned back.

Answering emails and messages

All the submissions will be listened to. I appreciate your understanding if it takes longer to come back to you or not at all. Please don’t take it as disrespect. It’s practically impossible for me to answer all emails and messages.

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