Music submission to Spotify, Deezer, YouTube playlists and mixtapes

Submission alternatives

Please read these notes before submitting or posting your music

1. Submit your track for playlist consideration 🎧

Fill in the form and your track will be checked. If it’s a fit, it will be added to the requested playlist and you will be asked to write a post about the playlist on your social channels. Please limit the number of submissions to two tracks per artist and submit the track just once.

2. Submit your music and get feedback 💡

You can ask any questions related to your tracks or project and get feedback and advice. Those tracks which are a fit, will be added to a playlist and may also be considered for an upcoming mixtape. This works for unreleased tracks as well. Just mention that the track is not released yet and put a Soundcloud, Dropbox or download link of the mastered file in your submission. It will be kept confidential.

You pay a fee for this and will receive a refund in case I couldn’t make to answer your questions in less than 10 days.

3. Post a DVD, CD, Vinyl, Blu-ray or Cassette 📬

I would love to experience your high quality songs on a Vinyl/CD/DVD/Blu-ray which you can send to me by post. Also, if the tracks are available for streaming, and I happen to resonate with any of them, they will be added to a suitable playlist and may also be considered for an upcoming mixtape.

A little background about why I love this way of accepting submissions. I love being in my studio, playing a Vinyl or CD and checking its artworks and booklet, reflecting on track names, lyrics, images, etc. I believe there is a lot of information to sense and dig into when you have the physical craft in hand. Also, the highest sound quality that you can get on Spotify and other streaming services is 320 kbps, which honestly I don’t like. There is a lot of little details lost when the original 24-bit mastered WAV file is converted to a 320 kbps MP3 or AAC file.

You can find the post address here. Just make sure to include your contact information and social links in the post packet and inform me via contact form that you have posted something.

Please have these in mind 🤔

Music quality. Keep it professional! ✅

Listen to 5 latest tracks of a playlist you fit to, would your music come next? If you are 100% sure, then submit your tracks. Please also make sure your tracks are:

  • Free of technical issues and are in a professional standard level of:
    • Songwriting
    • Arrangement
    • Lyrics
    • Instrument playing skills
    • Singing technique
    • Production: Recording, Mixing & Mastering, Sound Design
    • Artworks
    • Track and album name
  • Ready for the public listener

Accepted genres. No growling metal! 😱

I love a wide range of musical genres except:

  • Growling Metal
  • Religious
  • Political

If your track falls into the mentioned genres, please consider sending it to curators who are active in those fields. You may find some help here or here.

Extra information? Number of your followers? Not needed! 📉

If I love a track, I will add it anyways.

When providing extra information, please be who you are and present your music as a form of art and not as you are in a business meeting. Feel free to be as lovely and natural as you are with your fans and friends. Bio, press-kit, an impressive pitch, etc. are not needed. Also, you don’t need to provide information about:

  • The number of your followers on different social media channels
  • Which magazines or influential persons have talked about your music or have supported it
  • Which musician, audio/mix/mastering engineer, prestigious studio and so on have cooperated in making the music
  • How many streams your music already have or how fast you have been growing in the number of followers or streams recently

All these doesn’t really matter. Focus on the musical side instead.

Payola or other types of transactions 💰

  • Money is not accepted for adding a track to a playlist or mixtape. I try to keep a pure editorial mentality and rather to consider quality, the vibes and be honest to my own taste when choosing a track
  • Posting physical items, liking, following, sharing, retweeting, posting about the playlists or mixtapes, subscribing, etc. doesn’t guarantee that your track will be added
  • Posted items can’t be returned

Answering emails and messages 💬

Due to the high number of submissions, I appreciate your understanding if it takes longer to come back to you or not at all. Please don’t take it as disrespect. It’s practically impossible for me to answer all emails and messages. Also, no need to send quadruple emails, it won’t really change anything..

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