Feedback request and music submission to Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, SoundCloud, Mixcloud playlists and mixtapes

For feedback request and music submission, fill in the form below, mention the link of your track, ask your questions and we will come back to you with a feedback within 30 days. Besides receiving a feedback, If your music is a fit, it will be added to a suitable playlist and considered for an upcoming blog post and mixtape.

You pay a small fee, which covers the time we spend on listening to the whole track with the right equipments, acoustics and the focus it deserves as well as writing our thoughts about different aspects of your music and artistic persona. You will receive a full refund in case we can’t manage to come back to you with a feedback within 30 days.

We support artists that we can stand for their art, story, craft quality and professionalism. We are independent and have no investors so we can keep things simple and affordable. This means no hidden fees, user data sharing practices or spamming our audience with ads and emails. By requesting feedback, submitting your music or spreading the word about us, you are supporting an indie business who has a honest love for music and quality artistic expression. Looking forward to hear from you!

Submission fee: 4.40 €

ℹ️ Wondering why we charge a submission fee? Read about it here.

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