The matchmaker between your music and tastemakers

We are.

Your college radio producer, your favorite DJ, that dude in the office that’s in charge of music, radio broadcasters, bloggers, playlist makers, we’re all here, waiting for your music.

We play different.

Mysphera is the only place that connects your music with the most relevant opinion leaders in the music field, making it easy to reach out and building a strong fan base.

The game has changed.

Tens of thousands of tracks are uploaded to music platforms every day, making it almost impossible to get noticed. WE KNOW. That’s why we double down on human touch, getting real people to listen to your music.

Here you can submit your music to MySphera.

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  • MySphera interview with Nick Norton Artistic Director @Equal sound March 22, 2020
    "yeah, maybe 100 or so people will apply and we'll get some donations and I'll have an annoying day with our accountant and a spreadsheet and that'll be that." That was late Thursday afternoon, and wow was I ever wrong. This thing gained a lot of steam, very fast. 2020 had started of wild with […]
    Netta Tzin
  • Get familiar with Megan Lenius - musician / streamer on Twitch March 22, 2020
    Live streaming and twitch were the first platform where I actually gained any sort of following. It worked really well for my personality and what I already knew how to play as a musician. Live Video streaming is changing the way audiences are interacting with the creators they love; Similar to other content creators such […]
    Netta Tzin
  • The complete resource list for going live on Twitch March 20, 2020
    In the past few years live streaming has established itself as a powerful way to interact, connect and reach new audiences. From live features in social networks such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook and Reddit to platforms dedicated to live streams like Twitch, Mixer and YouNow. Fueled by the rise of eSports, unique monetization opportunities […]
    Netta Tzin
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