The matchmaker between your music and tastemakers.

We are.

Your college radio producer, your favorite DJ, that dude in the office that’s in charge of music, radio broadcasters, bloggers, playlist makers, we’re all here, waiting for your music.

We play different.

Mysphera is the only place that connects your music with the most relevant opinion leaders in the music field, making it easy to reach out and building a strong fan base.

The game has changed.

Tens of thousands of tracks are uploaded to music platforms every day, making it almost impossible to get noticed. WE KNOW. That’s why we double down on human touch, getting real people to listen to your music.

Here you can submit your music to MySphera.

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  • MySphera Tastemaker spotlight - Ouça Música Independente January 21, 2020
    "I understand that, above all, music is art and that for the artist to look at his art as a product is more difficult, but if he doesn't, others will. Understand the market you are in." Get ready for a latin flavored tastemaker spotlight! Meet Thabata Arruda, aka "Ouça Música Independente"; With 16 years of […]
    Netta Tzin
  • Tastemaker spotlight - Kid Crayola January 12, 2020
    I actually listen to the music I mix you can catch me singing the lyrics while mixing. @KidCrayola Get ready for another tastemaker highlight! This time we had the pleasure to chat with Canada based DJ, playlist curator and top notch content creator - Nakishah-Reed a.k.a Kid Crayola! We talked about the music in 2020, […]
    Netta Tzin
  • The independent musician guide for the perfect DIY music video in 2020. January 5, 2020
    In the past few months we’ve been chatting with musicians on Twitter, every week we start a thread about the different aspects in the life of an independent musician, but no thread caught fire like this one: The comments on this thread were pure inspiration! As an independent musician, you always need to find creative […]
    Netta Tzin
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