We're the alternative to the mainstream music industry. We're focused in Spotify Playlists & the discovery of new talent - indie bands and artists, welcome!

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The passion for music made playlist

Can you remember the last time you had a musical crush? The feeling when discovering a new, completely unknown band that made you feel like the good music was not dead? Yes, we understand – and that’s our work for the world.

Our core has music discovery as a main factor – plus bananas

The rest of our charm comes from believing things can be done in a different way. We work daily to bring you the most special stuff we find, those hidden little gems that still can get you all hyped up and kept unnoticed all the time. Indiemono started as an independent Spotify profile where we hosted different playlists from our curation, frequently updated and focused in different music genres and moods – now it’s the base channel you need to visit to understand who we are… you may find a playlist for your exact mood today!
When we began our journey, we started receiving hundreds of messages from artists and bands, undiscovered and with the need of help. So we decided to focus our path on them, as the music industry nowadays has a really small pool of artists and there is enough highlight for them. There is a lot of work done and in progress like creating a solid community of independent curators to give a boost to the talent, a music submission system for us to sort, review and feed playlists with those songs and the editorial power to display and show all of it through our site.

We’re a small team of two

Carlos, who is the curator and the builder of Indiemono’s music ecosystem vision – He’s filled with discipline and real passion for music. He basically spends his time working around playlists, attending concerts and planning trips around the world. He has the most amazing ideas for innovation around music and he’s so eager to make them happen. And me, Dam, a geek that loves design, illustration and literature. I currently work in projecting systems to make our life easier and be able to do more with less. I also talk with the people who connects with us and take care of the art. My free time is for video games and my recently built little urban orchard right at the heart of Madrid. So welcome, have a seat and enjoy the music.

Mixtapes made for the love
of music. Soon!