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Reviews of up and coming independent and emerging bands and artists.

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If you don’t want to rely on radio stations to discover new music, you definitely have to check out our Spotify playlists. Curated with love and care.

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Helpful tips to assist artists in promoting their tracks on e.g. social media, Spotify, Soundcloud and monetizing through e.g. the blockchain.

The team

The team consist of highly dedicated music lovers who know how hard it is to get your newly recorded independent gems heard and promoted on music blogs and Spotify. Especially if you want to spend your hard-earned bucks on instruments and recordings, rather than shady promotion companies promising you the world…

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  • Interview | The Odd Numbers soldier on after more than three decades of creating and purveying music. May 24, 2019
    The attrition rate of group disbandment in all genres of popular music seems to be high. U2, Social Distortion, MXPX, Cheap Trick and unfortunately, the Rolling Stones, being some of the exceptions. But this appears to be the case whether commercial status is gained or never achieved. For most, the revival eventually shuts down, the […]
    Christopher Adams
  • Dan Owen – Run Me Down: An Anthemic Tour De Force May 23, 2019
    Dan Owen released his brand new single on May 10th titled ‘Run Me Down’. This sultry release is his first offering of new music since the release of his critically acclaimed debut album, Stay Awake with Me, released in August 2018. Over the last few years, Dan Owen has climbed the monolith that is the […]
    Thomas Ockenden
  • FTLOB PRESENTS: 2019 ReverbNation FEATURED ARTIST Opportunity – Top 20 May 22, 2019
    After a stunning amount of Submissions to our 2019 ReverbNation Featured Artist Opportunity, we were once again blown away by the quality and breadth of Indie Music talent around the world.  As a result, rather than only selecting a single campaign choice, we at For The Love of Bands felt it was only right to […]
    Frank M'Otion
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