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The team consist of highly dedicated music lovers who know how hard it is to get your newly recorded independent gems heard and promoted on music blogs and Spotify. Especially if you want to spend your hard-earned bucks on instruments and recordings, rather than shady promotion companies promising you the world…

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  • Micayl – Versailles | Dreamy lyrics match trance-like vocals July 21, 2019
    By Gem Stokes Liverpool-based German native Micayl’s ‘Versailles’ is a dreamy NuJazz banger. A rising star in the NuJazz-LoFi world, Micayl is part of both The Pan-European Music Projects Association and Blue Blood Collective (founded by Spilt Milk Society’s Harry Handford). His sound is instantly comparable to the NuJazz greats like Tom Misch and Loyle […]
    Gem Stokes
  • HÖVRING – Heart’s On The Line is blues/rock/funk at its best July 18, 2019
    By Iain Wheeler The first time I listened to ‘Heart’s On The Line’ by Copenhagen’s ‘Hovring,’ I loved the interesting rhythms and funkiness of it. This isn’t a song with a steady beat and tempo: there are so many different parts to the song which all blend together to make an up-tempo, catchy and musically […]
    Iain Wheeler
  • PREMIERE: James Harriman – Snakes and Ladders July 17, 2019
    By Amy Heather If you’re looking for something entirely original that was inspired by a huge variety of genres, then James Harriman’s third single ’Snakes and Ladders’ is a track for you. Premiering on For The Love Of Bands before the official release tomorrow, Harriman has not only given us (and you!) early access to […]
    Amy Heather
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